The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Just a quickie today. I gave up on the Vaseline hand and nail cream as it really dried my skin out. I recently purchased The Body Shop’s Almond Hand & Nail Cream. Oh my!! This is just wonderful. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. It’s not greasy and my hands feel lovely not to mention how nice my nails are looking (granted I have nail polish on in the picture, but they are)


It cost me about £5 for a 30ml tube but as I said, a little does go a long way. Obviously stay away from this if you have any nut allergies. All in all, a great little product that I would recommend.

Take care and happy polishing.
Charlotte x

P.s. incase you were wondering, the nail polish is Nails Inc, Great Tichfield Street.


Barry M Limited Edition Summer 2013

So I took a trip to Boots and found this gorgeous new Barry M limited edition polish. It doesn’t have a name, it’s called A. I picked the pink as I love pink. The colour appears in the bottle as neon pink, almost the same shade as a pink highlighter and the lid has a really cool zebra design on it (I couldn’t resist not doing a zebra pattern!)

When on your nails, the colour is gorgeous but the polish is very sheer so a few coats would be needed. I did one coat and after a few hours started to show tip wear. The next day I added another coat which made the colour pop a bit more. Upon drying – really quick drying time 🙂 – the polish wasn’t as shiny as I’d have hoped, it almost seemed kinda matte. I don’t normally wear a top coat but I think one is needed with this.

Overall, I’m not that impressed with this nail polish mainly on how it appears which is a shame as I really like Barry M. Maybe painted over a white polish and with a shiny top coat it would be better. However, if you want an on-trend neon polish for a night out, this would be perfect.

I’ve been coveting after the Models Own neon pink polish for a while so I might give that a go soon.




Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails

I really needed a good hand cream as my hands have been pretty dry lately. I also wanted a hand cream which would be beneficial to my nails as they’ve been a bit weak.

When browsing the shelves in Boots, I found Vaseline healthy hands + stronger nails (75ml) hand cream. It was on offer for under £2! Bargain! The cream says it “strengthens nails by 50%”, it hasn’t done this for me yet, but I’ll stick with it.

I’ve been using the cream for about a week now and it is really nice. It smells lovely! The cream itself is quite thin and soaks into my skin quite quickly leaving my hands gorgeously soft. I find that I have to apply the cream throughout the day as my hands start to feel dry even though they don’t look it. I do have sensitive skin and so far, my hands haven’t been affected by this. Another thumbs up!

I’ll update when I have finished the tube and see if my nails are any stronger and my hands less dry.

Have any of you tried this cream? What did you think? Are there any better creams for someone on a student budget?


Take care and happy polishing
Charlotte x

UPDATE: 13 July. I’ve found that my nails have indeed got stronger 🙂 yay! The moisturiser still leaves my hands dry 😦 boo!

Nails Inc Little Miss Splendid and Ciate

Today I decided to jazz up (how old does that sound?!) my toe nails. I found a decent base coat in my collection so that the colour didn’t look nasty and bumpy. The colour I chose was by Nails Inc and is called Little Miss Splendid which is part of a limited edition collection.

The colour of the polish reminds me of the trademark Tiffany & Co. blue and is slightly iridescent. I love it and have worn it many times before – definitely a firm favourite of mine. I applied two coats of polish to ensure an even coverage but one coat does the job just as well.

A while ago, I was perusing the Fragrance Direct website (if you haven’t looked GO GO GO – well after reading this anyway) and found some Ciate nail stickers which looked pretty so I thought I’d try them – they were under £2!!! They are little stickers which are best applied using tweezers to place them. I love how they look and will use them again.

Take care and happy polishing


OPI Euro Centrale: Suzie’s Hungary AGAIN!

Firstly, aaaawww how cute are these bottles?! So cute and tiny. Anyway, I found this selection of polishes in TK Maxx for a tenner!! I’ve not used OPI before so I thought I’d give them a go. Also, they have some Nails Inc polish sets for around £10.

aaa 007

The one I sampled today was Suzie’s Hungary AGAIN! The colour of the polish is a kind of coral pink/grapefruit, not too dissimilar to the Barry M Gelly polish. This polish has a really nice glossiness to it which I really like.

As this polish is a mini (3.75ml) the brush was tiny and it took a longer than usual to paint my nails. The colour goes on almost sheer and it took two coats to get the pink I desired. I will warn you though, if your base coat is looking a it rubbish (mine was, it’s going in the bin) the polish will show every bump up.

Overall, I’m pleased with how the polish turned out. Drying time was aaaaages and I chipped one as I was walking the dog – Joy :-/

The other polishes in the set are Can’t Find My Czechbook, You’re Such a Budapest and OY – Another Polish Joke. I’ll be trying these out and reviewing them when I do.

Take care and happy polishing.

Charlotte x

Essie Fear or Desire

So, with summer finally making an appearance, I think it’s high time we got out those bright colours that were hidden away in winter and time to try out the gorgeous new shades being brought out.

My friend Liz yesterday gave me a new polish: Essie Fear or Desire. Oh my goodness. What an amazing colour!!!! I’ve wanted a bright orange like the one Binky wears in Made In Chelsea for ages and finally got one!!!

The polish goes on really well and the brush is quite wide and covers most of my nail in one stroke. I only applied one coat and it looks great. It’s quite a thick polish and I think that’s why one coat was enough for my nails.

This is the second Essie polish I have. I already have We’re In It Together which is a lovely pale pink.

The finished look

Essie Fear or Desire

So, there you have it, My first blog post. Hope you enjoyed it.